Wahn ‘switches scientists

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The Committee against nuclear waste in salt domes in the German Wahn, scientists approach that can indicate how dangerous storing the waste in salt domes. This has the action committee decided this week. At the consultation Wippingen, across the border from Ter Apel, Dutch also participated.

In July, there should be a report on the table with all sorts of data on the effects of nuclear waste in the short and longer term. A demonstration near the military training at Wahn, where the salt domes lie is still a step too far, says action leader Jan Deters-Meissner.

Last month came out in that Wahn image is as a repository for nuclear waste. Residents of the Emsland reacted shocked. Political parties, politicians and milieuorgansiaties raised the alarm and wanted the government in Hannover and Berlin directly know if Wahn actually in the picture. Answers one has received.

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